Berberries Update

Last week I posted on Bonsai Ireland Hub about a large Berberries that was growing in my back yard for over 10 years, after talking to some of the lads we all agreed it was time to take it up and see exactly what we were dealing with. So this morning I decided it was time to get it out and have good look at it. Here is what I found….


So far it looks like its going to be a successful lift until I cleaned a small bit away from to original soil and to my surprise I found this it was in fact 2 trees.



This wasn’t so bad, both of them had good thick trunks and there both starting to push out leaves

Here is the two now separate trees



Both of them have lots of good feeder roots and as a result it looks promising that they will both survive :)Here is the trees in there pots were they will stay for a number of years while branch building and adding some gnarly deadwood effects 🙂




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