Hawthorne Forest

I’ve been thinking of trying a Forest planting for some time now so with the beautiful weather we had yesterday I said today’s the day. I used 5 saplings between two and four feet. I also used a plastic seed tray that I came across a few weeks ago and I use scrimming mesh /plasterers tape with all my trees, its low cost works perfect and the same diameter as the shop bought stuff.

Having got all material to hand I proceeded to mesh the tray and place in more than enough wire (just to be sure).



Next it was time to layer the bottom with the substrate, (cat litter + bark) and position the trees.


I loosely wired the trees for a rough position then added more substrate. I kept all trees as close as I could as there is only 5 and there only saplings.



Here is the end product for the time being, I will let it grow now till next year to get some more foliage on it then start to put some shape into it.









5 thoughts on “Hawthorne Forest

  1. Give them a few months to settle in Owen and if all is well you could start to change the heights of the trees with some pruning. I see this being in a much smaller pot with shorter trees in a few years time. I would straighten the leaning one now as it’s not on the very outside of the composition and crossed in front of the one behind. Well done for not spreading them out all over the place 🙂 We want a compact final image. This is a good little project to learn from.


  2. I think a little to close together (they will growing ) you do not need mesh for tray with drainage as yours one, I would drill bigger drainage holes.
    We are in the same way I did some 9 trees forest ( hawthorne saplings from Lidl)


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