Initial Styling ( for me and the tree )

This Thuja occidentalis / Eastern White Cedar is one I took out of the ground last winter and I was going to get some pointers off Ian Young in relation to styling it at the Leinster Bonsai Club’s Workshop, as I’ve never styled an evergreen before I thought it wise to get a seasoned 🙂 bonsaier point me in the right direction. But unfortunately I was unable to make the workshop 😦 which meant I would have to try style it my self.

Here is some before and after pictures of what I came up with.


image (1)

DSC_0225 DSC_0226 DSC_0233

As this is my FIRST styling of evergreen trees ANY comments would be appreciated so I can understand where I’m going wrong.


2 thoughts on “Initial Styling ( for me and the tree )

  1. Nice for a first time although looking at the before photo’s literati style would have fit more I think. And also the movement of the tree is going to the left while the apex is going to the right.. And with that literati style in mind I would have jinned the smaller tree and kept the middle because they are to far apart atm.
    Foliage is also a bit heavy in comparison to the trunk it looks like a broom what doesn’t fit evergreens.
    Anyway for a first time nice job keep going!


    1. Cheers cris , literati never entered me head and prob would of looking a lot better now that it’s pointed out to me, as for foliage I didn’t want to take to much off it ( scarred really ) as soon as it’s time it will be getting another haircut. I am thinking that bringing it tighter and lower over time then the jins will stick out nicely and look better
      Cheers for the comment man it’s all a learning curve.


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