Raft Or Not

IMG_2124 IMG_1895 IMG_1891 IMG_1890

AS you Can see the Elm here is refusing it branch anywhere except the mail low branch and the nest of branches around the apex. there is 1 decent branch on the right side and the rest is totally on the left. if I remove the right hand branch it will in my view be a proper candidate for a raft but unfortunately its only 15 in tall. would this be a prob would it work as a nich shihin raft.


All comments welcome.




5 thoughts on “Raft Or Not

  1. Hi Owen.
    Looking at those pictures a specially second one I can’t see any option for raft. If you really don’t like this tree why not air-lay top part and have twink trunk tree, and the bottom section to build new tree with brush style and good nebari. If you know what I mean 🙂

    Regards Piotr


    1. Yeah thats defo an option poitr il have a look in the light and maybe send a more up to date pic to you an we can take it from there, i really really dont like this tree and the manufactured twist in it with thr rigjt angle at the first bend it over the top. Sent on proper pics in the morning. On a different note.. R ye going to bonsai europa??

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  2. Cheers Robert and Piotr, I will layer the tree in the spring and post an update soon as its ready to be split.

    Thanks again lads,, ye gotta love the power of social media 🙂


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