Whats It Thuja Part 2 :)

I recently posted my first try at styling, this Thuja was the culprit, and needles to say it didn’t look to good, in fact is looked brutal. so I got a chance to have another try at it this morning and here is what I came up with.


image (1)

First FAILED attempt


Second attempt



In my mind its 100% better than before. I’m unsure if the smaller trunk adds or detracts from the over all image I’m going for but for the health of the tree I’m leaving it be till I get Plenty of feed into the roots next year.

As usual all comments are welcome.


5 thoughts on “Whats It Thuja Part 2 :)

  1. Well now, who’s been a busy boy then 🙂
    Owen, you’ve made a great job of this after are very quick chat about it. The visual weight of foliage now fits better with the trunk size and style of the tree. Give that man a pat on the back.


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