About Me

Hi there

I am new to bonsai I started in June or July 2013 with a Fukien Tea from Tesco, it lasted about 3 weeks and died. I wasn’t to happy about this so I started looking around to net for reasons to why it gave up the ghost and bumped into Bonsai Eejit who told me it was a tricky tree to start with as it is a tropical tree and we just don’t have the weather for them. So while looking around for the reasons why the tree died I found myself being amazed with all the different aspects to Bonsai. 2 or 3 weeks after that Tesco’s got a new pile of stock so I bought a Chinese Elm and from there grew this really crazy OBSESSION with all things Bonsai.

I’m happy to report that I now know how to keep a tree alive in a pot 🙂 , but I think for the moment that’s as far as I have got. All my trees on this blog will be in very early stages of hopefully becoming well refined trees and maybe one day even have a tree or two that I created and are ‘Finished’ trees.

Anyway thats about it for me, if you have a queries or would like to comment or have some constructive criticism please give me a shout in the Contact Me section.



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