Bonsai eejits escolonia at bury, looking rather well and holding its own amongst some top class trees.  
Nice job mate


Bonsai Europa

I’m on the stenna line ferry now coming home after what has been a real eye opener for me. I spent all day at Bonsai Europa and I had a good look at what can be acheived with the right direction, timing and most of all the right material. Each am every tree on exhibition today was a real treat to see and well done to the guys responsible for getting them to such a refined state. If nothing else for me it was inspirational and I’m an eager beaver again to get back at it. Wonderful display today lads and lases. And obviously a big thank you to Tony Tickle for getting this up and running for us to experience. 

So a few pictures yeah 🙂 

Absolutely stunning trees

More pics to follow tomorrow 

Maciej Workshop

Yesterday  Maciej opened up his garden for the club to use as a base for another workshop. First thing to do in somebody’s garden is a nosey around his many trees, 

Check out the leaf size on that😡😡

We worked on a few tree had the usual bit of crack 

And then the food 

Doing It in style 🍢🍡🍢🍡🍢🍡🍢🍡🍢🍡🍢🍡 … John Lennon ye have a lot to follow in your place next workshop after that food.

Great day lads see you all Monday 31st for the monthly meet.

Movement and Flow in Bonsai


Let us first define the two concepts to ensure that we are all on the same page during this discussion. Movement is what physically happens with the trunk and branches. In other words, whether the trunk moves to the left or to the right or in an S-shape to both sides alternatively. Flow is the general direction that the tree leads the eye towards. There are a few things that determine this flow.

bonsai_wallpapers-17 A formal upright tree does not necessarily show flow as the idea here is that the tree is symmetrical and well balanced. Most sources recognise that it is the first or primary branch as

Homemade Bonsai The primary branch’s movement is towards the right and the apex is also in that direction. Overall flow therefore is to the right. It can also be seen that the tree is planted towards the left of the mid-line of the pot. well…

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